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Ligier JS9

- September 25, 2018

At Charade were the Charade Heroes celebrating the 60th anniversary of the racing track this weekend. Ligier was represented by a lot of old and young cars.

The Ligier JS9 was part of the event. It was the car of Jacques Laffite during the 1978 Formula 1 championship. I would like to share with you these videos because that car is just a piece of technical art.

All the people present on this video are real heroes of the Ligier & Martini stories. Tico Martini on the left is the founder of the Automobiles Martini.
Automobiles Martini made a lot of Formula 3 cars on the last century and had real successes in this category.
Michel Beaujon (with the blue shirt) is one of the designer of the JS9 with GĂ©rard Ducarouge and Robert Choulet.

The JS9 weights 580Kg due to an Aluminum chassis. It is powered by a Matra MS76 V12 engine with a great sound.
So enjoy the sound again and again !

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