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Pandemic mindset [1]

- 19 April 2020

We, 21st century human beings, are confronted to the most important pandemic since years and years. The COVID-19 give us a hard time confinement. More than 2 billion people are now living all the time in their houses. It means, no more day to day inspirations. Usually, we don’t know but bike crossing the street in a really weird way, or just the feeling of the wind on your shirts could give you energy and creativity for your working day.

Internet keeps us in contact for sure but I really think that I’m a way less creative in those conditions. I also get really depressed because of the cancellation of my trip to Rovaniemi for the BRP’s International Design Competition final.

Nevertheless, I tried to use this huge amount of free time to create other things, use different mediums. So, I had painted, 3D modeled and took some pictures. I would like to share those with you today.

Inside Pictures

3D render

Water color

Trying to think of an other place

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