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Mustang GT 2015 model

During my last year at the UTBM, I started working on a model to study the perceived quality of products. With a team of 9 other students we chose to model the Mustang GT 2015.
The CAD model had been done by Jérôme MAYSSE before and we started the model with parts already milled.

This project give me knowledge concerning : gap and flush, volumes modeling, 3D rendering & perceived quality

Team members:

  • Victor GOUPY (team manager)
  • Simon GUILLARD (planning manager)
  • Léo DUPUY (color manager)
  • Alice KORTHALS (event manager)
  • Sébastien PIERFEDERICI (picture manager)
  • Simon PLAULT
  • Gaspard TRONEL
  • Stanislas DEVAUX
  • Valentina DESLOGES (video manager)

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