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🚚 Heavy goods vehicles: towards a revolution in transport?

- 6 February 2024

Since AI driving still seems far too dangerous, it seems that the major truck manufacturers are rethinking the service differently.

It was while mission testing the EuroTruck Simulator 2 game, that viability of distant driving appeared to me as frightening as attractive. I drive a truck for hundreds of kilometers in simulated conditions. The behaviors of the AI are almost faithful to reality, just like the landscapes. We can well imagine the possibility, tomorrow, of driving remotely with cameras placed in the right places on the bodywork.

There are of course still some blocking points, particularly with the fact that not all roads are covered by the mobile network. Besides, would the network support it?
In addition to these technical questions, it is really from the point of view of use that I am questioning. We know that teleworking can be a source of well-being as well as isolation or burn-out.
🌱 It is also a way of distancing stakeholders from the field of environmental issues linked to their activity.

🚧 These innovations have major impacts on humans and therefore on the way designers will build the experience around the vehicle.
In this context, we can imagine that actors who in the past were only spectators of the vehicle will have to interact with the object. This is the case for people from the police, possible road users involved in accidents with trucks, mechanics, gas station attendants, etc.
From expert professional interaction, we move on to inexperienced people. This requires significant vigilance on the part of the designers of these future tools.

💭 I wanted to share these few thoughts with you without a clear opinion at the moment. Do not hesitate to tell me what you think by contacting me.