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Requested by a client of Paul Deutschman, this project aimed to redesign an existing hot rod chassis into a roadster with minimum costs objectives. The client is a senior businessman & a racing driver. He has a collection of Lamborghini …



international design competition of BRP

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      Reward : 3rd prize winner Press BRP Press room Kollectif ActualitĂ©s UQAM

During my last year at the UTBM, I started working on a model to study the perceived quality of products. With a team of 9 other students we chose to model the Mustang GT 2015. The CAD model had been …

This project had been realized during my second year at the University of Technology Belfort MontbĂ©liard. The goal was to model the Ferguson TE20 tractor and show the different innovations that brought Ferguson. This tractor is named the “Petit Gris” …

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