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Traveling to Rovaniemi

- 11 March 2020

I’m nearly ready to pack my stuff to get to Rovaniemi, Finland for the 2019 international design competition of BRP. I will be accompanied by Thomas Philipona from UTBM too. We both will represent UQAM during the event. The other 9 students are coming from various design schools above the 45th parallel north. The University of Lapland (Finland), the Lahti University of Applied Sciences (Finland), the Design School of Kolding (Denmark), Humbert College (Canada), the College for Creative Studies (USA) and University of Quebec at Montréal (Canada) are all competitors schools.

Bombardier Recreational Product chose to unveil our concept during the Arctic Design Week. It’s the world northernmost design week event. This show will start the 16th of March and end the 22nd of March. During this entire week a lot of events are proposed to the 4500 visitors.

I will stay there for 4 days. The 18th of March will start with a 20 minutes presentation of the concept. I will have to defend my concept during this time. Then we will enjoy our trip with various activities planned by the BRP employees.

Competition results will be announced during the 20th of March ceremony. I am already glade to be pre-selected by BRP for this contest.

There is a link to discover the event : https://www.arcticdesignweek.fi/en/arctic-design-week/

I hope I can count on you to support me even if you are far from Rovaniemi. I will share my activities over there via my Instagram page ! Stay tuned for more information and maybe a big news.

EDIT (03/15/2020) : The BRP event hab been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We still have to present our work to the BRP’s jury in April via video conference. I am deeply disappointed. I would like to thanks the BRP staff for their lost hard work trying to organize a beautiful event.

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