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Blender as powerful as ever

- 9 octobre 2018

Today I would like to share with you the power of Blender.

  • Well, first, what’s Blender ?

Blender is a modeling program which has its own realistic render engine. It’s a free software developed by the Blender organisation.

  • Why talking about that ?

Because I am using Blender since I was 10. Lot of renders that I am showing on that website come from Blender render. I have got a real passion for this software.
Moreover, I discovered that Visual Effects of a high-ranking web series are produced with Blender. In fact, The Man In The High Castle inspired from Philip K. Dick novel is the first series realized with Blender VFX streamed at this level.
It works pretty well. Watch this epic video which resume the work of the Barnstorm visual effect studio.

You don’t trust me when I am saying that’s 100% free ? Check on the official website of Blender 3D. This tool is really powerful and a lot of people doesn’t know it. Sure, you will need some time to understand how the software is working but when it’s done it opens doors and opportunities.
So download it and try it yourself !

And you know what ? There is a new version which will be soon released. The 2.8 already seems to revolutionize the world of computer modeling. So be ready !

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Visual Effects for The Man in the High Castle

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