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Modelling ellipse tracer with cardboard

- 14 novembre 2018

Yesterday we were in design class and we had to model a product just focusing on kinematic.

The professor had some suggestion but a friend of mine thought that we can try to model an ellipse tracer.
As designer, the professor couldn’t invalidate this project, so we chose this subject. This exercise should be ended after 2 hours of work.

We start trying to understand the kinematic then we quickly start to cut cardboard.
Architecture had been a long discuss because we really wanted to have fewer frictions as possible.

We also divided the product into 2 parts and we were 2 teammates for each. We had the arm and the base.

After 2 hours we were really proud of the model.

It works perfectly, watch it :

Project realised with Alexandre Chipaux, Benjamin Reynoudt and Léo Dupuy

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